How To Choose Your Performance Coach For 2021

Well, it’s the start of a another year; you’ve had enough of talking about COVID to last you a lifetime, so what about focusing instead on your future?

What are your dreams and goals for this year? What are some of the ways you are going to make sure that whatever you do, delivers results you can guarantee?

Choosing the right performance coach is achieved by setting out your criteria. For example which of these things are important to you?

  • That you are comfortable talking to them
  • The coaching results in a tangible result; results you can measure
  • Someone who you can bounce ideas off
  • That helps you holistically by also discussing your health and wellbeing
  • Results are guaranteed, or you get your money back
  • That you can do it online or COVID safe face to face
  • You will be supported with at least two follow up discussions between each coaching session to check how you are doing and discuss your achievements
  • Your Coach will be available to talk to between sessions if anything crops up
  • Your Coach is registered as competent with an International Association

If you find your self agreeing with six or more of these statements, then you want an Executive Coach that provides a guarantee on your results, and provides all of the above, should you want it. That way, you can sleep at night, knowing you have an insurance that says if your goals are not achieved for 2021, you know at least that you will get your investment back; no questions asked.

If this sounds like something you would like to know more about; contact Sonia Saxton at Saxtons and start with a free Motivations Profile explaining what will support you achieving your goals, and what support you might need in your coaching sessions to achieve your goals.


Why wait?

Call Sonia now on 01423 858816 or on her mobile  for a no obligation discussion. Mention this posting and she will be pleased to arrange your free session.

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