We have some exciting events coming up for you.

  • Setting Outcomes for your business – How structured are you in making sure that you and your team achieve what you want? – January
  • Emotional Intelligence – How emotionally intelligent are you and what impact does it have on your business? – February
  • Resilience in the market place – How resilient are you and your team when facing the constant changes in the market. Explores mind set for success. March
  • Measuring Performance – Do you really know what you have got? Provides insight into how to measure attitude; motivation; potential and communication strategy – April
  • Coaching that works – What approach should you use in deciding whether the results you want are inhibited by behaviours that are breeding, or something much deeper? – May
  • Strategic Thinking – How do you get your people to think outside the box? – September

More events to follow; book your events now as spaces are limited.

Please contact us to check dates and availability.