Sonia Saxton, International Change Specialist/Director

Sonia is a highly experienced corporate communications specialist with a 35 year proven track record in delivering results you can measure.  As a result, she has earned real credibility and an excellent reputation with senior executives from major blue-chip companies.  These include SkyBet; Philips; NHS; British Telecom; Merryck; Borgwarner; Tsys; and many more.

Following a successful career in national training with Royal Sun Alliance Insurance Group, she set up her own business in 1999.

Originally having qualified as a graduate with the Institute of Personnel and Training, she went on to become an International Practitioner in Neuro Linguistics.  This was followed by extensive studies at the NLP University in California, qualifying as a Master Practitioner with additional qualifications in business leadership, advanced Presentation skills and consultancy.  Further studies in Copenhagen led to her gaining registration as an International Association Trainer, qualifying her to lead International Certification Programmes - which she does for a select number of career professionals every year.

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Sonia Saxton, International Change Specialist/Director


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