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Saxtons provide executive coaching throughout the UK, and often London where clients are seen twice a month.

Saxtons provide executive coaching that guarantees results you can measure and delivers emotional resilience. Please see what others have said about their experience of our system that delivers an emotional resilience, which is essential in these times of constant challenge in the market.

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I worked with Sonia over a six-month period to develop my approach to key leadership tasks including communication and interaction with colleagues as well as my ability to assess and respond to work place scenarios.
Having 7 focused sessions with Sonia over a period of 14 months was very beneficial to me. Focusing in on reducing some negative beliefs really transformed my approach to people and tasks, enabling me to achieve much better outcomes.
I managed to have Sonia as my mentor for many months. She is excellent at getting straight to the point and helps to heal with extremely fast results from any kind of mental interlocks people have. She is also excellent to help to find the right people with the right values to cooperate in business.

Are you finding the demands placed upon you in business increasingly challenging?

Are your own development and aspirations meeting your expectations?

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Do you find it ever more challenging to keep your team consistently motivated?

When asked to achieve more with even fewer resources, do you ask yourself how?

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